A Secret That Could Ruin My Marriage~Open letter

I got married to my husband in
September of 2013. We have
been together off and on since
2007. We have always struggled
with problems throughout our
relationship, but nonetheless, I
love him. Back in May, I
cheated on him (my boyfriend
then) with a high school crush.
I then justified my infidelity on
him never being the boyfriend
that I needed him to be. But
deep down I knew it was
wrong. In July, I found out I
was pregnant. Instantly that
affair I had resurfaced in my
mind. I had been with the
other guy and my boyfriend
around the same time (please
don’t judge me). I did mention
it to the other guy, but I
dismissed it because we did
wear protection.
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5 Warning SignsOf An Abusive Man

Most people who find themselves in
a long term relationship with an
abusive person, stay because they
think they can change them. You
can’t change the unhealthy
behaviors of an abuser. They have to
want to change. The only thing you
can do is pray for them, wish them
well, and let God do the changing.
Your safety should be your number
one priority. How do you protect
yourself from a dating relationship
with a potential abuser?…

You are mine~Touching Story

While praying one day, a young
woman stopped and asked this
question, “God, who are you.” And
God replied, “I am.”
“But I don’t understand, she said.
“Who is, I am?”
And he replied, ” I am love, I am
peace, I am joy. I am
forgiveness, …I am compassion and
I am patient. I am hope and I am
benevolent. I am omnipotent, I am
omniscient and I am the almighty. I
am strength and I am safety. I am
the creator. I am the Alpha and
Omega. I am the beginning and the
end. I am the most high. I am the
way, the truth and the light. I am
the answer.
The woman listened and with tears
in her eyes she looked toward the
heavens and said, “Now I
understand who you are God, but
then who am I?”
And God tenderly wiped away her
tears and whispered, “You are mine.
God will remember You in Jesus

The dangers of ingratitude and Mysteries of gratitude~a must read

Bishop David Onyedepo

In the last post, I shared the first
part of the sermon: what makes
thanksgiving powerful and why you
must give thanks.
Today, I will continue with the
sermon starting with,
What are the dangers of ingratitude
Ingratitude hands you over to
your enemies (Deut 28:47-48)
Ungratefulness keeps God away from
you and your affairs but attracts the
Every glory turns into shame
when man (Malachi 2:1-3)
When we do not lay it to heart to
give thanks to God, He curses our
blessings and our position will
change for the worse.
Destruction (Acts 12:21-23)
Ingratitude provokes the anger of
God and can lead to destruction.
The scriptures tell us that King
Herod was eaten up by worms
because he didn’t give the glory to
Many people are suffering because
they did not give ALL the glory to
God or they did not lay it to heart to
give God thanks for whatever
blessing that came their way. We
should give God thanks no matter
how small the blessing may be in
our eyes. Ingratitude is a big risk
that should be avoided.
Enemies of gratitude
Ø Covetousness- Nothing is ever
enough to the covetous. Always
remember that nothing multiplies
until thanksgiving is engaged.
Ø Murmuring- In the natural world,
murmuring attracts sympathy from
people but in the kingdom of Christ,
it attracts judgement from God.
Murmuring will keep you at the
same spot if it doesn’t destroy you.
Ø Pride- The proud always think that
their success is all because of their
input. They never remember that
they are what they are by the grace
of God.
These enemies of gratitude make
their victims not to see any reason
why they should thank God. To take
God for granted for the issues of
your life is to be grounded in life.
Okay, you now have a good
knowledge about the mystery of
gratitude. Can ingratitude be the
reason why things are difficult for
you? It’s time to examine your life
and make amends where necessary.


How to Enjoy Peace of mind.

The Power of Peace
by Joyce Meyer
Having an attitude of peace and
calm is priceless. It’s an attitude
that says, “I’m trusting God,” and it
speaks powerfully to people. But it
takes time, focus and the grace of
God to be consistently peaceful.
One way to develop consistent peace
is to learn to live “in the now.” We
can spend a lot of time thinking
about the past or wondering what
the future holds…but we can’t
accomplish anything unless our
mind is focused on today.
The Bible tells us that God gives us
grace for each day that we live. I
believe that grace is the power,
enablement or energy to do what we
need to do—and He gives it
generously, as we need it.
We need to make a decision every
morning to say, “God has given me
today. I will rejoice and be glad in
The Real Source of Stress
Too often our stress level is tied up
in our circumstances. You could be
stressed because you’re always busy
or you’re struggling financially or
because you’re not getting along
with someone you love.
It could be a number of things, but
what’s interesting is that these
situations are not the cause of your
stress. Stress is really caused by
your reaction to each situation.
“ We don’t have to work at trying to
get rid of every stressful situation.
We need to learn how to embrace
peace. ”
See, we’re always trying to get rid of
everything that bothers us. But the
Bible says that in the world there
will be tribulation. That’s why Jesus
said, “Cheer up, I have overcome
the world.”
We don’t have to work at trying to
get rid of every stressful situation.
We need to learn how to embrace
7 Ways to Practice Peace
I believe that one of the keys to
maintaining peace in your life is to
take small steps toward peace every
day. Here are a few tips for having a
more peaceful lifestyle.
1. Be selective with how you spend
your time. You may be trying to do
too many things and end up doing
none of them well. Hurrying is trying
to do more than the Holy Spirit is
leading you to do. Be led by the
2. Be prepared to say no nicely.
Sometimes we take on things we
know we shouldn’t, just because
we’re uncomfortable saying no. If
you feel this pressure, ask God to
put your spirit at rest and give you
loving words to speak that will take
away the unnecessary awkwardness
of saying no .
3. Resist the spirit of
procrastination. It’s the attitude
that says I’m going to sit here and
wait until I feel like doing what I
need to do. But God’s Word tells us
to exercise self-discipline. Do what
you need to do now so you can fully
enjoy your times of rest.
4. Eliminate key distractions. If you
know you are easily distracted, set
some guidelines for yourself. Don’t
let them keep you up late at night
so you oversleep the next morning
and end up setting yourself up for a
hurried, stressful day.
5. Set appropriate boundaries for
interruptions. Life is full of
interruptions, but we can learn to
set boundaries that help us manage
them in healthy ways. Schedule
times when you are “off-limits.” Let
your calls go to voicemail, turn off
your email, and decide to get back to
people after your “off-limits” time is
over. Trust the Holy Spirit to tell you
when there is a true emergency.
6. Modify your life. Ask God to
show you “out-of-the-box” ways to
save time and trouble. For instance,
when I don’t have time to do the
dishes, I use paper plates. And if
I’m having a birthday party for one
of my kids and don’t have time to
make a meal, we just have cake and
ice cream.
7. Listen for the Holy Spirit. If you
can see that your plan is not
producing peace, go back to God;
pray for peace and for wisdom to
make changes that will benefit your
If you can learn to trust God “in the
now,” receive His grace as you need
it, and you can become a truly
peaceful person. Now that’s

Want more? Have it here https://www.joycemeyer.org/articles/ea.aspx?article=power_of_peace

How to Break the power of addiction.

It may not be your past that keeps
you from knowing God loves you, but
your present. Maybe your current
circumstances fuel your doubt. If
you’re stuck in a rut of sinful
behavior and a lifestyle of addiction
that you feel like you can’t escape,
God wants more for you.
Addiction is much broader than just
drugs or alcohol. Addiction can
happen with any substance,
behavior, or experience that
becomes an unhealthy priority in a
person’s life. It masters them to the
point that they are willing to put
the addiction ahead of their family,
friends, responsibilities, health, or
even their relationship with God.
1 Peter 2:19 says, “People are slaves
to whatever has mastered them.”
Addiction makes you a slave, but
Jesus offers the hope that if we
submit ourselves to Christ, He will
free us from slavery to sin and
addiction. Galatians 5:1 tells us, “It
is for freedom that Christ has set us
free. Stand firm, then, and do not let
yourselves be burdened again by a
yoke of slavery.” If an addiction is
causing problems in your life, know
that God loves you and offers
freedom and hope for a better
Here are some practical steps to
help you walk towards Christ and
into freedom:
1. Ask God for help.
If you admit you need help, God will
help you. Confess to God that you
have a problem. Ask Him to forgive
you and fill you with hope. Jesus
promises in Philippians 1:6 that He
will begin the process in you and
carry it out in His power. Your role
is to say yes to Him and trust Him to
guide you forward. Because Jesus is
the one who sets us free, spending
time in scripture and listening to
His voice for direction is very
important. We can begin walking in
freedom as we repent of choices we
have made and things that have
controlled us.
2. Confess this struggle to other
James 5:16 says, “Therefore confess
your sins to each other and pray for
each other so that you may be
healed.” There is freedom that
comes through confession and power
through prayer. Both will help you
walk forward into healing. Walking in
consistent freedom cannot be done
alone and will take time. You are
going to need help. You need people
that can hold you accountable and
be there for you.
If you would like to speak with
someone regarding this issue, we
would love to help. Please contact
your local NewSpring Office or email
us at care@newspring.cc.
3. Set up wise boundaries.
Avoid the places and times that you
are weak. Being wise about not
putting yourself in those situations
is a part of moving forward.
Boundaries do not grant you
freedom, but they protect the
freedom that God has given you.
Boundaries are a first step, but they
do not change a heart. God will do
4. If you are chemically dependent
on a substance, stopping without
medical help may not be wise.
Regarding substance abuse, some
people start with a detoxification
program for the first days as a safe
way to overcome withdrawals. Others
work through addiction recovery
programs at in-patient or outpatient
treatment centers to help get them
and keep them on the right path. If
you are unsure what level of care
you need, contact a licensed
treatment program near you for an
evaluation. Your life is precious and
trying to overcome chemical
dependency can be difficult and
dangerous without medical help

Credit… http://newspring.cc/blog/articles/how-to-break-the-power-of-addiction

“We gotta get up.”After fights with depression,addiction,loss of reputation,stroke,divorce,etc;Says Pastor Randy White,

Without Walls Pastor Randy White
revealed on Sunday the “hell” that
he’s been through over the last five
years, including a battle with
depression, an addiction to
prescription drugs and being the
subject of an IRS investigation.
“Five years ago – I know some of you
really want to hear it – I started a
downward spiral,” the Florida pastor
told thousands during Without Walls
International Church’s 21st
anniversary service. “I emphatically,
unequivocally believe it was a
satanic attack, one like I’ve never
witnessed before.”
“And I believe it’s because the fact
that we were doing so well and the
enemy wanted to take and silence
our voice,” he said.
White had been leading Without
Walls with his then wife Paula until
the power couple announced their
divorce in 2007. The Tampa church
had grown to be one of the largest
churches in the country but the
congregation began to dwindle as
the Whites faced media scrutiny,
debt and personal struggles.
Randy White, who returned to the
pulpit at Without Walls last month
after having left in 2009, chose to
detail some of his struggles to the
congregation on Sunday.
He recalled seeing IRS agents in his
home five years ago and being
accused of failing to file taxes.
“Now I knew that was a lie because I
knew that we were being scrutinized
every year by the government and I
knew that we had to always be
squeaky clean,” he told attendees.
“They said we can’t find your tax
That was the start of the “downward
spiral” in his life, said White.
An investigation was launched and
White said it cost him personally $
The Whites’ ministry was among five
other ministries under a Senate
probe, led by Sen. Charles Grassley,
in 2007. The ministries – which
included organizations led by Creflo
Dollar, Eddie Long, Kenneth
Copeland, Benny Hinn and Joyce
Meyer – were being questioned for
opulent spending and possible
abuse of their tax-exempt status.
The probe came to an end last year
with cooperation from a couple of
the ministries – Hinn and Joyce
implemented financial reforms. No
penalties were handed out.
“At the end of all that all I got was a
little paragraph that said we found
no fault, you’re completely clear,”
White recounted. “They didn’t say
we’re sorry.”
He claimed on Sunday that his tax
file went missing because someone
had deleted it. He said an IRS
employee erased the file out of
anger over his wife disclosing
“intimate things” to White during
their counseling session.
Following the probe, White said he
found few friends to turn to as many
left the church and some betrayed
“If you’ve ever been in leadership
you know what it is to really believe
in people and then they just rip
your heart out!” he expressed.
The long-time pastor who’s been
preaching for 39 years went on to
talk about his addiction to
prescription drugs – which came
after his best friend went to prison
for life, one of his children was
molested by a church staff member,
and he suffered a stroke.
He was given Xanax and a few other
drugs by his doctors for his
“In all my life they preached against
medicine and I felt bad but I had to
take something!” he explained to his
congregation. “I was at the end of
my rope.”
He admitted that he didn’t study
what the drugs were and said he
wasn’t aware they could be
“I can’t be addicted! I’m the
After a year on the drugs he had to
go to rehab.
His daughter’s death was “the final
nail on the coffin.” Kristen Renee
was diagnosed with brain cancer
when she was 28. She died at age 30
in 2008.
Recounting the day she died, he
said, “Doctors said we have to pull
the plug. I have to give permission
as my daughter’s there, as we stop
the power. It took so long for her
heart to stop beating. When it
finally stopped, my daughter Angie
yelled out a blood curdling scream
I’ll never forget: ‘Why God!'”
“I asked the same question,” White
confessed. “I got mad and I shook
my fist at God and I said I’ll never
serve You again. I said this I spit in
your face.”
The aim of his testimony, he
indicated, was to show that God
restored him and that God will help
restore Without Walls as well.
“With all of that, including
attempted suicide, this preacher
stands here today and says the God
that I serve is a God of restoration!”
he exclaimed.
“We gotta get up.”
As a symbol of his letting go of the
past and of his return, White stood
in front of thousands and washed
his face with a towel.
“I wash all the junk from my life,” he
said. “What the enemy meant for
tragedy, Randy White, Without Walls
is coming back triumphant.”
“You’re looking at a man that’s been
through a lot. I only told you a little
bit. But I can stand here and say
I’m forgiven, it’s His grace, … and
mercy. My heart’s pure, my hands
are clean.”
“Devil you are defeated!”
White did not mention his divorce
during his testimony.
In telling his story, White said he
also wanted the attendees to know
that leaders are not perfect.
“It’s time we stop looking at people
perfect and understand … had it
not been for the grace of God where
would I be.”
According to White, a part of the
Without Walls property is being sold
for $4.4 million to a condominium
developer, which will help lower the
church’s debt. He further announced
that he would personally be giving $
10,000 to the church and urged
congregants to help reach the goal
of $300,000 to “pay off all accounts
payable debt.” Responding to the
media on why he asks for offerings
so frequently, he said simply, “We
need it.”
For the last three years, Without
Walls’ lead pastor was Paula White
but her name has been removed
from the staff directory in recent
weeks. Paula White has been
preaching at New Destiny Christian
Center near Orlando. She was named
the new senior pastor there late last
year after its founding pastor was
found dead in a hotel.
Paula White also gave a revealing
account of her trials in recent years
, including her divorce from Randy
White, during a leadership
conference in 2011. She delivered a
similar testimony, saying what the
devil meant for good, God turned
around to work for the good.