You are mine~Touching Story

While praying one day, a young
woman stopped and asked this
question, “God, who are you.” And
God replied, “I am.”
“But I don’t understand, she said.
“Who is, I am?”
And he replied, ” I am love, I am
peace, I am joy. I am
forgiveness, …I am compassion and
I am patient. I am hope and I am
benevolent. I am omnipotent, I am
omniscient and I am the almighty. I
am strength and I am safety. I am
the creator. I am the Alpha and
Omega. I am the beginning and the
end. I am the most high. I am the
way, the truth and the light. I am
the answer.
The woman listened and with tears
in her eyes she looked toward the
heavens and said, “Now I
understand who you are God, but
then who am I?”
And God tenderly wiped away her
tears and whispered, “You are mine.
God will remember You in Jesus


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