A Secret That Could Ruin My Marriage~Open letter

I got married to my husband in
September of 2013. We have
been together off and on since
2007. We have always struggled
with problems throughout our
relationship, but nonetheless, I
love him. Back in May, I
cheated on him (my boyfriend
then) with a high school crush.
I then justified my infidelity on
him never being the boyfriend
that I needed him to be. But
deep down I knew it was
wrong. In July, I found out I
was pregnant. Instantly that
affair I had resurfaced in my
mind. I had been with the
other guy and my boyfriend
around the same time (please
don’t judge me). I did mention
it to the other guy, but I
dismissed it because we did
wear protection.
Continue… http://theprayingwoman.com/2013/12/28/a-secret-that-could-ruin-my-marriage/


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