The dangers of ingratitude and Mysteries of gratitude~a must read

Bishop David Onyedepo

In the last post, I shared the first
part of the sermon: what makes
thanksgiving powerful and why you
must give thanks.
Today, I will continue with the
sermon starting with,
What are the dangers of ingratitude
Ingratitude hands you over to
your enemies (Deut 28:47-48)
Ungratefulness keeps God away from
you and your affairs but attracts the
Every glory turns into shame
when man (Malachi 2:1-3)
When we do not lay it to heart to
give thanks to God, He curses our
blessings and our position will
change for the worse.
Destruction (Acts 12:21-23)
Ingratitude provokes the anger of
God and can lead to destruction.
The scriptures tell us that King
Herod was eaten up by worms
because he didn’t give the glory to
Many people are suffering because
they did not give ALL the glory to
God or they did not lay it to heart to
give God thanks for whatever
blessing that came their way. We
should give God thanks no matter
how small the blessing may be in
our eyes. Ingratitude is a big risk
that should be avoided.
Enemies of gratitude
Ø Covetousness- Nothing is ever
enough to the covetous. Always
remember that nothing multiplies
until thanksgiving is engaged.
Ø Murmuring- In the natural world,
murmuring attracts sympathy from
people but in the kingdom of Christ,
it attracts judgement from God.
Murmuring will keep you at the
same spot if it doesn’t destroy you.
Ø Pride- The proud always think that
their success is all because of their
input. They never remember that
they are what they are by the grace
of God.
These enemies of gratitude make
their victims not to see any reason
why they should thank God. To take
God for granted for the issues of
your life is to be grounded in life.
Okay, you now have a good
knowledge about the mystery of
gratitude. Can ingratitude be the
reason why things are difficult for
you? It’s time to examine your life
and make amends where necessary.


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