How to Break the power of addiction.

It may not be your past that keeps
you from knowing God loves you, but
your present. Maybe your current
circumstances fuel your doubt. If
you’re stuck in a rut of sinful
behavior and a lifestyle of addiction
that you feel like you can’t escape,
God wants more for you.
Addiction is much broader than just
drugs or alcohol. Addiction can
happen with any substance,
behavior, or experience that
becomes an unhealthy priority in a
person’s life. It masters them to the
point that they are willing to put
the addiction ahead of their family,
friends, responsibilities, health, or
even their relationship with God.
1 Peter 2:19 says, “People are slaves
to whatever has mastered them.”
Addiction makes you a slave, but
Jesus offers the hope that if we
submit ourselves to Christ, He will
free us from slavery to sin and
addiction. Galatians 5:1 tells us, “It
is for freedom that Christ has set us
free. Stand firm, then, and do not let
yourselves be burdened again by a
yoke of slavery.” If an addiction is
causing problems in your life, know
that God loves you and offers
freedom and hope for a better
Here are some practical steps to
help you walk towards Christ and
into freedom:
1. Ask God for help.
If you admit you need help, God will
help you. Confess to God that you
have a problem. Ask Him to forgive
you and fill you with hope. Jesus
promises in Philippians 1:6 that He
will begin the process in you and
carry it out in His power. Your role
is to say yes to Him and trust Him to
guide you forward. Because Jesus is
the one who sets us free, spending
time in scripture and listening to
His voice for direction is very
important. We can begin walking in
freedom as we repent of choices we
have made and things that have
controlled us.
2. Confess this struggle to other
James 5:16 says, “Therefore confess
your sins to each other and pray for
each other so that you may be
healed.” There is freedom that
comes through confession and power
through prayer. Both will help you
walk forward into healing. Walking in
consistent freedom cannot be done
alone and will take time. You are
going to need help. You need people
that can hold you accountable and
be there for you.
If you would like to speak with
someone regarding this issue, we
would love to help. Please contact
your local NewSpring Office or email
us at
3. Set up wise boundaries.
Avoid the places and times that you
are weak. Being wise about not
putting yourself in those situations
is a part of moving forward.
Boundaries do not grant you
freedom, but they protect the
freedom that God has given you.
Boundaries are a first step, but they
do not change a heart. God will do
4. If you are chemically dependent
on a substance, stopping without
medical help may not be wise.
Regarding substance abuse, some
people start with a detoxification
program for the first days as a safe
way to overcome withdrawals. Others
work through addiction recovery
programs at in-patient or outpatient
treatment centers to help get them
and keep them on the right path. If
you are unsure what level of care
you need, contact a licensed
treatment program near you for an
evaluation. Your life is precious and
trying to overcome chemical
dependency can be difficult and
dangerous without medical help



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