“We gotta get up.”After fights with depression,addiction,loss of reputation,stroke,divorce,etc;Says Pastor Randy White,

Without Walls Pastor Randy White
revealed on Sunday the “hell” that
he’s been through over the last five
years, including a battle with
depression, an addiction to
prescription drugs and being the
subject of an IRS investigation.
“Five years ago – I know some of you
really want to hear it – I started a
downward spiral,” the Florida pastor
told thousands during Without Walls
International Church’s 21st
anniversary service. “I emphatically,
unequivocally believe it was a
satanic attack, one like I’ve never
witnessed before.”
“And I believe it’s because the fact
that we were doing so well and the
enemy wanted to take and silence
our voice,” he said.
White had been leading Without
Walls with his then wife Paula until
the power couple announced their
divorce in 2007. The Tampa church
had grown to be one of the largest
churches in the country but the
congregation began to dwindle as
the Whites faced media scrutiny,
debt and personal struggles.
Randy White, who returned to the
pulpit at Without Walls last month
after having left in 2009, chose to
detail some of his struggles to the
congregation on Sunday.
He recalled seeing IRS agents in his
home five years ago and being
accused of failing to file taxes.
“Now I knew that was a lie because I
knew that we were being scrutinized
every year by the government and I
knew that we had to always be
squeaky clean,” he told attendees.
“They said we can’t find your tax
That was the start of the “downward
spiral” in his life, said White.
An investigation was launched and
White said it cost him personally $
The Whites’ ministry was among five
other ministries under a Senate
probe, led by Sen. Charles Grassley,
in 2007. The ministries – which
included organizations led by Creflo
Dollar, Eddie Long, Kenneth
Copeland, Benny Hinn and Joyce
Meyer – were being questioned for
opulent spending and possible
abuse of their tax-exempt status.
The probe came to an end last year
with cooperation from a couple of
the ministries – Hinn and Joyce
implemented financial reforms. No
penalties were handed out.
“At the end of all that all I got was a
little paragraph that said we found
no fault, you’re completely clear,”
White recounted. “They didn’t say
we’re sorry.”
He claimed on Sunday that his tax
file went missing because someone
had deleted it. He said an IRS
employee erased the file out of
anger over his wife disclosing
“intimate things” to White during
their counseling session.
Following the probe, White said he
found few friends to turn to as many
left the church and some betrayed
“If you’ve ever been in leadership
you know what it is to really believe
in people and then they just rip
your heart out!” he expressed.
The long-time pastor who’s been
preaching for 39 years went on to
talk about his addiction to
prescription drugs – which came
after his best friend went to prison
for life, one of his children was
molested by a church staff member,
and he suffered a stroke.
He was given Xanax and a few other
drugs by his doctors for his
“In all my life they preached against
medicine and I felt bad but I had to
take something!” he explained to his
congregation. “I was at the end of
my rope.”
He admitted that he didn’t study
what the drugs were and said he
wasn’t aware they could be
“I can’t be addicted! I’m the
After a year on the drugs he had to
go to rehab.
His daughter’s death was “the final
nail on the coffin.” Kristen Renee
was diagnosed with brain cancer
when she was 28. She died at age 30
in 2008.
Recounting the day she died, he
said, “Doctors said we have to pull
the plug. I have to give permission
as my daughter’s there, as we stop
the power. It took so long for her
heart to stop beating. When it
finally stopped, my daughter Angie
yelled out a blood curdling scream
I’ll never forget: ‘Why God!'”
“I asked the same question,” White
confessed. “I got mad and I shook
my fist at God and I said I’ll never
serve You again. I said this I spit in
your face.”
The aim of his testimony, he
indicated, was to show that God
restored him and that God will help
restore Without Walls as well.
“With all of that, including
attempted suicide, this preacher
stands here today and says the God
that I serve is a God of restoration!”
he exclaimed.
“We gotta get up.”
As a symbol of his letting go of the
past and of his return, White stood
in front of thousands and washed
his face with a towel.
“I wash all the junk from my life,” he
said. “What the enemy meant for
tragedy, Randy White, Without Walls
is coming back triumphant.”
“You’re looking at a man that’s been
through a lot. I only told you a little
bit. But I can stand here and say
I’m forgiven, it’s His grace, … and
mercy. My heart’s pure, my hands
are clean.”
“Devil you are defeated!”
White did not mention his divorce
during his testimony.
In telling his story, White said he
also wanted the attendees to know
that leaders are not perfect.
“It’s time we stop looking at people
perfect and understand … had it
not been for the grace of God where
would I be.”
According to White, a part of the
Without Walls property is being sold
for $4.4 million to a condominium
developer, which will help lower the
church’s debt. He further announced
that he would personally be giving $
10,000 to the church and urged
congregants to help reach the goal
of $300,000 to “pay off all accounts
payable debt.” Responding to the
media on why he asks for offerings
so frequently, he said simply, “We
need it.”
For the last three years, Without
Walls’ lead pastor was Paula White
but her name has been removed
from the staff directory in recent
weeks. Paula White has been
preaching at New Destiny Christian
Center near Orlando. She was named
the new senior pastor there late last
year after its founding pastor was
found dead in a hotel.
Paula White also gave a revealing
account of her trials in recent years
, including her divorce from Randy
White, during a leadership
conference in 2011. She delivered a
similar testimony, saying what the
devil meant for good, God turned
around to work for the good.



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