We all have the fear tendancy.Here’s How to Overcome Fear

The Key to Overcoming Every Fear
You Face
by Joyce Meyer
Everyone experiences fear in their
life. There are big fears we are very
aware of and little ones we may not
even realize we have.
I’ve learned that it’s very important
to understand what fear is and how
it works against us because if we
don’t, it can keep us from becoming
what God created us to be, which
means we won’t fulfill our purpose
in life.
Fear’s Evil Scheme
ā€œ God wants us to walk by faith, and
Satan wants us to walk by fear. ā€
Fear is a tool the devil uses against
us to make us miserable and destroy
our lives. It begins as a thought and
then creates emotions that can rule
us. It often becomes a strong,
intense feeling that tries to move us
to make a foolish action or tries to
prevent us from doing something
that would be good for us. Because
it’s such a common way that Satan
attacks people’s lives, I think of it as
the master spirit he uses to
manipulate people and keep them
out of God’s will.
Simply put, fear is the opposite of
faith. God wants us to walk by faith,
and Satan wants us to walk by fear.
When we learn to live by faith and
not let fear rule our life, we can live
a fulfilling, satisfying, peaceful and
joyful life in Christ.
Like I said before, fear begins with a
thought. Proverbs 23:7 tells us that
“as [a man] thinks in his heart, so is
he” (NKJV). I like to say it like this:
Where the mind goes, the man
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