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What are the best sources of residual income?
What are the best business to start for passive income?
What are the best passive income investment ideas ?
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Innovative Million Dollar ideas forSmart Entrepreneurs

Whoever said you don’t need a formal business plan to start or expand your business was certainly not addressing those who
need funds from creditors and
Like many successful businesses
have done, you can launch your
business idea without the benefit of
a formal business plan—but this
applies only if you have all the
funds you need or you are just
testing the business waters to see how it turns out.

A Secret That Could Ruin My Marriage~Open letter

I got married to my husband in
September of 2013. We have
been together off and on since
2007. We have always struggled
with problems throughout our
relationship, but nonetheless, I
love him. Back in May, I
cheated on him (my boyfriend
then) with a high school crush.
I then justified my infidelity on
him never being the boyfriend
that I needed him to be. But
deep down I knew it was
wrong. In July, I found out I
was pregnant. Instantly that
affair I had resurfaced in my
mind. I had been with the
other guy and my boyfriend
around the same time (please
don’t judge me). I did mention
it to the other guy, but I
dismissed it because we did
wear protection.

5 Warning SignsOf An Abusive Man

Most people who find themselves in
a long term relationship with an
abusive person, stay because they
think they can change them. You
can’t change the unhealthy
behaviors of an abuser. They have to
want to change. The only thing you
can do is pray for them, wish them
well, and let God do the changing.
Your safety should be your number
one priority. How do you protect
yourself from a dating relationship
with a potential abuser?…

You are mine~Touching Story

While praying one day, a young
woman stopped and asked this
question, “God, who are you.” And
God replied, “I am.”
“But I don’t understand, she said.
“Who is, I am?”
And he replied, ” I am love, I am
peace, I am joy. I am
forgiveness, …I am compassion and
I am patient. I am hope and I am
benevolent. I am omnipotent, I am
omniscient and I am the almighty. I
am strength and I am safety. I am
the creator. I am the Alpha and
Omega. I am the beginning and the
end. I am the most high. I am the
way, the truth and the light. I am
the answer.
The woman listened and with tears
in her eyes she looked toward the
heavens and said, “Now I
understand who you are God, but
then who am I?”
And God tenderly wiped away her
tears and whispered, “You are mine.
God will remember You in Jesus