Wonna enjoy your delicacies this xmas?Here’s How to protect your teeth

Jenny Idam(Dental Therapist)

Do you want to enjoy your xmas delicacies without pain?
Do you want to keep your gum healthy,and void of bleeding?
Do you want to know why i don’t use tooth pick?
Welcome on board.You are at the right place.
As a dentist,i’ve watched with uttermost concern and heartache, the damage incured due to the careless use of tooth pick. Chicken,sauce,Isi ewu(goat head),nkwobi (african delicacy,esp among the Igbos, of Nigeria)snail sauce,pepper soup,etc are always beckoning on our appetite.When we are done,we face the challenge of removing the debris. Which we can hardly ignore,even if we wanted to.
In such a situation,we are usually faced with two alternatives:flossing or tooth~picking.
Based on scientific research findings,and personal observation as a clinician;tooth pick is destructive to the teeth,gum and other structures that keep the teeth strong.
Your gum holds your teeth,supplies it with blood,and nutrients;and also adds beauty to your looks and smile.Tooth~picking causes damage to it. It also creats holes,called periodontal pocket,in your gum. The hole created,give room to dangerous micro organisms to live and multiply in your mouth. It also,affects the strenght of the affected tooth/teeth,making it mobile. Thats why a person who desires a healthy teeth this xmas, must desist from the use of tooth pick. Ask how i handle debris?I floss. Yes!unlike tooth pick,dental floss doesnt expand your interdental spaces (spaces inbetween your teeth). It also has an antimicrobial effect,due to the way its made.Some are waxed,while some are not.
Dental floss has a small thread that is simply moved inbetween the interdental spaces.It can be easily gotten from pharmacy shops,and supermarkets,apart from a dental clinic. Remember to brush rightly,and floss twice every day,okay.
“prevention is better than cure”Ancient proverb

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